BOOK REC THURSDAY: The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken

Hello readers!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ve been hard at work hacking away at the last ten-ish books for my 100-book reading challenge! I’m only on book 91, which means you guys still get plenty more reviews and fun material on the blog before this year is out!

I read today’s Book Rec Thursday earlier this year and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t read them earlier. So let’s get down to it and talk about The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken!

The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken

In a modern day America, everyday life changes forever when children between the ages of eight and fourteen begin falling ill with a new disease. Many children die. But the lucky survivors develop superpowers. Not knowing how to handle these supernatural children or reign in their powers, the government tracks down all children exhibiting symptoms and rounds them up in rehabilitation camps, where they are called Psi divided by color based on their powers. Greens are incredibly smart, blues can move objects with their minds, yellows have power over electricity, reds can produce fire, and oranges can control minds.

We meet Ruby Daly, who is in a large rehabilitation camp called Thurmond. She is sorted as a green, the least dangerous of the colors. But she has a secret. She is actually an orange. The reader follows Ruby at Thurmond and as she attempts to escape and learns what the world outside the rehabilitation camps has become. With a ragtag group of Psi kids, they make a cross-country trek to get down to the bottom of the Psi epidemic and defeat a corrupt government to save other kids across the nation.

This trilogy is a bit difficult to explain in a nutshell, but there is too much that you learn throughout the books to accurately sum it all up. Each character is rich and vibrant and you find yourself even loving the ones you thought you would hate. The world is wonderfully built and fully rounds out the atmosphere of this dystopian series. While Bracken keeps you laughing the entire time, she also gives you beautifully wholehearted moments as well as heart-wrenchingly painful ones. I did not expect these to impact me as deeply as they did, but these characters will be sticking with me for a long time.

Need another reason to read these? The first book is being adapted into a movie which will be released in September of 2018! Amandla Stenberg stars as Ruby, which I cannot wait for! They filmed the entire movie in Atlanta, so I spent a lot of my spring trying to track down the set. I did find it a couple times when they filmed ten minutes away from my apartment and you’d best bet I screamed in my car when I saw the sign for the set.

I met Alex Bracken earlier this year at the Decatur Book Festival and she is just the sweetest and most beautiful and delightful human being. She is incredibly nice as well as being an amazing author, and I can’t wait to read her recent book The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding! I hope you all add this to your to-read list because I need more people to talk to about Liam Stewart and how perfect this movie is going to be.

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