Book Review: Breath of Malice

*originally published on 06/22/2016

BREATH OF MALICE Written by Karen Fenech

2016; 240 Pages
Genre: suspense, romance, mystery

Rating: ★★★1/2

(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)

When Agent Paige Carson makes a mistake her F.B.I. colleagues start to freeze her out hoping she will leave.  It is when a serial killer sends a postcard to her new home that she packs up her life and younger sister and heads to a small town. Paige’s boss and team accept her quickly but know she has some secret that makes her skittish.  When a wealthy well-known woman is killed and there is a postcard by the body, Paige knows the killer has found her again! She can either rely on her boss, and love interest, or go at it alone with everyone’s life on the line.

I really liked this novel and felt that it had everything a romantic suspense book should have,  BUT I did a few problems with it that made me rate it 3.5 stars.  I felt the romance moved too fast and became too intense without any background or motivation for it.  Then the romance started to take away from the suspense.  This seems to be Karen Fenech’s first standalone romantic suspense book so I think her books will only get better.  I am curious to read her romantic suspense series to see if they are more drawn out.  I do recommend this book as it is enjoyable – full of suspense and a crazy villain.

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