Book Review: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Written is Red is about a woman on the run finding safety in a most unlikely place. In this world, Anne Bishop masterfully creates a world where humans and the supernatural have a tentative co-existence with the terra indigene clearly in charge. I love the fact that the author clearly knows how wolves act in their natural setting, rather than books where werewolves are agressive and fighting for alpha status all the time, overprotective and controlling of the female character in the book, and romanticising such behavior.

I loved the careful way the author crafter the novel so that both Meg, the protagonist, and the Others that she befriends both confuse each other yet slowly come to see each other as friends and family, making the terra indigene fiercely– and I do mean FIERCLY– protective of her, and it all starts with simple acts of kindness and consideration. The relationships built are my favorite thing about this book. Winter. Tess. Simon. Sam. Henry. The ponies????? You do not threaten the safety of their Meg.

What was so wonderful about this book as well was the fact that Anne Bishop does not dump paragraphs of narrative exposition on you explaining her new world, but builds and crafts it around you as you continue to read the story. I am greatly looking forward to the rest of the series, and would recommend this series to any writer in order to better learn how to seamlessly world-build.

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