Chop Chop refresh

Chop Chop is Sainsbury’s 1 hour delivery app, available in central London. As the service expanded across the capital we decided it was time to refresh the look of the brand and experience. Here you can see the wonderful work of Tom Springall – product designer on Chop Chop.

Among the core updates are a new green colour that introduces ‘AA’ accessibility standard contrast to the entire experience. Tom also redrew the logotype and icon, and introduced a new typeface throughout the journey. During the process we used Attest to talk to 400 customers to get their responses to each of the proposed updates. This allowed us to develop a creative route with the insight that a large group of people associated it with ‘home delivery’ and ‘speed’.


The branding updates to the service were achieved through designer-engineer pairing within the agile product team. This meant that Android took just two days to complete and iOS took five – allowing us to get the improvements to customers quickly.

Product designer: Tom Springall
Engineers: Edison Spencer, Myron Amanatidis, Nathan McBride
Product owners: James Huppler, Niall OShea
Marketing: Guy Watson, Emma Farnhill
Design direction: Tom Lancaster

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