Chu’s Day: A Review

Chu’s Day, Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex, 2013

I won’t leave you in suspense


It’s a fairly simple, but delightfully executed, rule-of-three plot line. Comedic gold. Neil Gaiman’s story provides a nice reminder that small people can do big things. I particularly appreciate that Chu goes to the library, because that’s one of my favourite hang outs. Although, the Halifax Public Libraries look completely different than the one in the book.

The art is outstanding, and each tableau is a visual feast. Adam Rex has an engaging style that’s rich in detail, and I enjoy pointing out the visual jokes to m. and d. He also effectively uses white space in the minimal “sneeze pages,” which serve as act breaks.

Despite the straightforward narrative, Chu’s Day leaves me with a lot of questions. How did that snake put its hat on? Is the snail silently stalking Chu and his family, or does he rent the basement apartment in their house? I assume Chu’s goggles are a safety precaution, or is he just a steampunk enthusiast? Does Chu finally sneeze in an attempt to regain his parents’ attention? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE CIRCUS? Oh, is it “Rex Gaiman combined Circus”? That’s pretty funny.

However, these questions don’t detract from the enjoyment of the book. Instead, they encourage multiple readings to obsessively work out all potential theories.

5 out of 5 doggies

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