Circus of the Dead review

I don’t know if it was the time of day or something else, but nothing quite prepared me for Circus of the Dead.

From the opening scenes where a man has his hand amputated by a bunch of clowns I knew we were in for a bumpy ride.

Although the overall endgame of these clowns remains fairly cloudy until the conclusion, there’s more than enough shocking violence to satisfy the gore hounds.

The story centres around a young family who are targeted by the clowns after an encounter with the touring circus.

From here things escalate quickly until it becomes the fathers responsibility to save his two daughters, but how far will he go to do this?

Lead clown Papa Corn is played with lustful delight by Bill Oberst Jr. and carries a certain sinister edge which adds to the characters actions.

Although it does run out steam slightly during a prolonged finale, Circus of the Dead is a shocking, brutal clown horror that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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