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The Childhood Of Jesus (2013)

by J.M. Coetzee(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
1846557267 (ISBN13: 9781846557262)
Harvill Secker
review 1: This odd story, The Road crosses with Lost, is how I would describe it, had me intently thinking all along. I don't know if I would call it my favorite Coeztee book having read five now, but it was the most gripping, for me. I was intrigued to the point of being mesmerized. If I'd had the time, I'm pretty certain I would have read this in one sitting. I haven't figured out what I think, yet, but I'm leaning towards it's not a "figure it out" kind of book, it's more of a mood book. Also, and you likely won't find this in many comments, but it is very funny: "He searches for the irony, but there is none, as there is no salt."
review 2: This book had that unnerving dystopian vibe going. The setting, the characters, the problem all had me wondering about the plot.
... more Is it futuristic? Where does it take place? What caused David and Simon to leave their old life? The title of the novel seemed obvious to me as I read, and I found myself examining the parallel between the the life of the child David in the book and the bible story. As always Coetzee's writing leaves me unsettled, wondering what I just read and looking forward to reading him again. less
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veel interessante ideëen maar geen conclusies of standpunten, je blijft een beetje op je honger
Not to be missed.
Liked a lot.
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