Dating-ish by Penny Reid

***I was given the opportunity to read this as an ARC for an honest review***

I had fears when I started this book that it was dealing with online dating. I have the same feelings as Marie…I loathe online dating. But the way that Penny Reid puts a spin on it makes it much more entertaining.

After escaping what could be described as the worst date ever, only to find out that the fake date is Fiona’s next door neighbor, Professor Matt. Who enlightens her with his work on AI (artifical intelligence). She soon learns that it is being used more commonly than expected. On a conference call with her editor, Marie brings up the idea of personal relationships vs. paid for services to take place of an actual relationship. After getting the green light for the article, Marie goes to Matt to get the use of his datat that had been collected to use on the article.

This opened up a whole new world for me. Yes, I’ve heard of paid escorts service. But OM, Orgasm Meditation, professional cuddlers and dry humpers? And adding Penny’s humor to it only added to the love of this book.

From there, they start spending time together. Seeing movies, having dinner at Marie’s apartment where she makes dishes containing coconut (Matt’s favorite). Helping Matt shop for clothes since his colleagues think that he is an undergraduate based on his wardrobe of jeans, converse and graphic print t-shirt.

But with the love, comes the hurt too. It was like the beginning of a roller coaster. The part where you’re being pulled up the steep incline just before the first fall. Chapter’s 15-17 was the fall for me. I could feel the hurt for Marie. Yes, I wanted to cry. I literally wanted to hurt Matt. Ask him when he was going to get his head out of his ass. But, like typical men, they are just as confused.

The fall didn’t last for long and then it was just small hills that were rolled upon. The excitement of both Fiona and Janie going into labor at the same time. Fiona, the pro, having no difficulty with her delivery. But poor Janie having added prolonged labor, driving Quinn crazy. Everything calmed down once the baby arrived.

Realizing that his actions may have ruined the “friend-zone” relationship on their way home from the hospital. Listening to the words from her mother, brother and Fiona that Matt is not interested. And sticking to that in her mind, Marie agrees with Matt.

With this, a silent week goes by that Marie realizes that she misses Matt. But what is she supposed to do. Text him that message? See, confused.

Before all the confused feelings, Matt had made arrangements with Marie when his ex-wife and her husband were coming to Chicago and they would show them around. The weekend was approaching. Receiving the text message from Matt for dinner on Friday night at a fancy restaraunt. Marie gets ready in a Donna Karan dress that she forgot the she had. Showing up at the restaraunt to find Matt in one of the suits they purchased, it takes a hold of Marie’s senses.

From here is where I began a happy dance as things were going in the right direction for these two. I’m all for a HEA, and it pained me to read the confused states that each character were in. Angst really hurts as a reader, but we love it!

Throughout the book, there are little hints regarding Dan and Kat. Finding out that the men in this group gossip worse then the women. Dan breaking up with his last girlfriend. And it was his choice. Then Marie spotting the wedding ring on Kat’s finger at the hospital. I can’t wait for the next book to find out how and why Dan is helping Kat.

Well, we know why, duh. He’s had feelings for Kat since the Vegas bachelorette party. But the “why” he his helping her in the next book.

Out of all of this, I highly recommend reading this book. I started reading Penny Reid’s books at “Truth or Beard” It was the cover that got me. Once I read it, I was hooked. And like with all my obsessions, I had to get all her books then to read and patiently wait for the rest to follow.