Day 16 – Snow

Perhaps after sitting in a car for 2 hours, on what should have been a 15 minute journey home, because of a light dusting of the white stuff (welcome to 21st century England) it should come as no surprise that Tobias would be instantly drawn to Snow, by Uri Shulevitz, today. The book is one we found in a charity shop recently, and comes highly recommended with a long list of American/Canadian award wins!

The book begins with a single snowflake and an excited boy with dog. Despite the attempts of his grandfather, a couple of random strangers, a radio and TV, to dampen his enthusiasm, the boy with dog heads outside to enjoy the snow.

And here we learn an important lesson – Snow doesn’t listen to the radio or watch TV. It falls when it wants. Not when it is told. The naysayers are covered in snow and the boy and his dog enjoy the falling snow that eventually buries the town.

The best thing about this book is that it revels in its simplicity. It doesn’t try too hard to be overly descriptive, understanding instead that sometimes the simplest words and sentences create the greatest descriptions. That being said, there is some lovely language to discuss and the detailed, quirky illustrations help to build an image.

Tobias stuck with the simplicity theme when asked what he liked best about this book. “Snow!”

Don’t be put off by the American spelling of the word ‘gray.’ Buy this book –

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