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Digital Fortress (2004)

by Dan Brown(Favorite Author)
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0552151696 (ISBN13: 9780552151696)
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This book was written by Dan Brown and was published in 1998. Dan Brown is fond of different puzzles, miseries and encryptions. The main character of this bestseller is not a person, but a whole organization, called National Security Association. NSA created a very difficult descriptor that can break any famous and the most complicated code in the world. One day this system was broken by one unbreakable encryption algorithm. What secret is hiding this code? Susan Fletcher, a smart and beautiful mathematician, has to find what is going on.

This amazing book is full of mystery and strange events. The world of codes, encrypted machines and the best scientists is represented in Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. The written style by Brown is perfect, he definitely knows what he writes about, so t
... morehe readers believe him and are wrapped up in this world of adventures connected with high technologies. less
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