Event Horizon 2018

As 2017 looms to a close, I am reminded of a dream I had earlier this year of the event horizon of a black hole, which is also known as a point of no return.

“Black Hole” Artist Rendering by NASA

Black Holes, Event Horizons and Holograms – October 2017

In my dream, I am hovering on the event horizon of a black hole. I was given the task by my higher self, to keep the energy balanced in this world, and the other world. The portal where I was stationed, which I called a sink hole, also had another located in an alternate reality, where a parallel self is working to restore balance in the multiverse!  I was trying to make sure that not too much light would slip through the portal and it was a very gentle process. I was even talking to the portal in a whisper saying, no not yet….and pushing the stars back away from entering the portal and it was like smoothing a bed spread. I stayed focused on this endeavor in my dream for what seemed like an eternity and yet only a moment.

This dream spurred me to research black holes and I learned that in April of 2017, scientists explored a black hole in the center of our galaxy through a global network of telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope. The first images of a black hole are expected to be processed in 2018. The fascinating possibility of the Event Horizon telescope to provide us a detailed photo of the inside of a black hole offers an intriguing model of how our collective energies can come together globally to grow a shared vision. This speaks to me of the value of mutual dreaming, where dreamers from around the globe, dream for a more peaceful world and on behalf of the Earth to awaken the sacred dream long held in the collective.

I came across an interesting article on a theory of consciousness and black holes, which described the mind as a state of universal consciousness, which is connected with the brain, but exists outside of it in another dimension. This universal matrix of collective consciousness could perhaps explain awareness such as intuition and precognition events, as well as dreams and synchronicity. The event horizon is known as a point of no return, but according to Stephen Hawking, “The information is not stored in the interior of the black hole as one might expect, but in its boundary — the event horizon”.

“Wormhole” by Hypnoart

Perhaps this model, describes a boundary of consciousness where access to the collective matrix can be projected like a hologram or perhaps a dream. This hologram projection was possibly reflected in my dream, where I saw another mirror image of myself on the event horizon of another black hole, which could have been a hologram or a doppelganger in an alternate dimension.  I feel a global awakening is the event horizon we are on the precipice of entering in 2018. Happy New Year and deep dreams in this world and the other world.

Valley Reed © 2017

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