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Right now, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, soaking up the cool sunlight from my dining room windows. The sounds around me: deafening joy of two 4-year-old boys in capes and masks. It’s the first time my son has had a friend over – not a cousin, not a sister’s-friend’s-brother. Originally I thought I might sit and read, but the volume of little boys put an end to that dream, so instead I thought I’d try hear myself think sufficiently enough to blog. Success!

I have a confession: I take it easy in January. And sometimes February as well. Historically, things for me have begun to ramp up in March, although a new location could mean a new pattern for doing things. Right now, though, I’m taking it easy. Weddings are starting to book with a frequency I’ve never experienced before, and I can see plainly that it’ll be a busy year.

So I sit at my kitchen table and enjoy my incredible view and the extremely loud happiness (they have the bugle out now) and reflect.

As a photographer who is also a one-woman-show for many years now, I was quick to learn the value of colleagues and friends. I don’t get to have co-workers in this business, and although I love to connect with other vendors, no one quite understands a photographer like another photographer.

Every once in a while, I get to photograph another photographer.

This is my friend Kyra Jasman. If you are having an Alberta wedding, you should contact her. Her work speaks for itself, and having shot with her, she’s a true professional.

And supermom. A couple of years ago, I felt like I was spending every minute at the dance studio. Kyra spent 5 times as much time there. Her dedication to her children is apparent every single day.

And she’s such a good friend.

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