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The Long Quiche Goodbye (2010)

by Avery Aames(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 1
0425235521 (ISBN13: 9780425235522)
A Cheese Shop Mystery
review 1: Painfully formulaic "cozy" murder mystery, with zero interesting characters. The protagonist managed to be both boring and obnoxious, and I kept wishing that she'd been the murder victim instead of the sleuth. The killer was not convincing at all, and the motive made no real sense. The whodunit puzzle was barely present and as bland as comes. The setting, a shop specializing in exotic cheeses, in a small Ohio town near Amish country, could have been interesting in the hands of a skilled novelist, but here it fell flat quickly and completely. I have nothing positive to say about this book, I'm afraid. I have free access to the rest of the books in the series but will not be reading them.
review 2: I honestly just did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped.
... moreThe characters were interesting and I did like the grandmere she seemed the joy of the book. The setting was not bad, and the minor characters did interest me, but I think just the storyline I could not get myself involved. Even finishing the book I was not as surprised with the killer. The first few chapters were interesting I liked the fact they were revamping the cheese shop, what I didn't like was how easy it was that the people who were disrupting there lives died. I felt maybe the death of someone should be someone else. I real try to read more of the series, just to see if it gets better or if maybe I can get into it again. less
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Too many cheese references (well, what did I expect?), too many characters, too many theories...
This author writes in a delightfully real way.
simply dreadful
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