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Law Of The Broken Earth (2010)

by Rachel Neumeier(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 4
Griffin Mage
review 1: I was stuck mentally on the stars here between 3 and 4, but decided to go to 4 because I did enjoy the book and it did go a ways to explain the origins of the central conflict of the series.This book is primarily from the perspective of yet more new characters and a new location from the previous two. But the characters from the previous two volumes appear throughout so it flowed a bit better.On the downside, there are characters introduced in the first volume we now see as dramatically changed but we never saw that process of change so it feels like a bit of missing development. It's explained a bit, but I would have liked to have seen it happen some as well. Also there was a nagging feeling throughout that we're only seeing aspects of things but not the whole. Like ... morelooking through a few facets of a crystal and never glimpsing the whole - here we see aspects of the story but somehow the whole doesn't feel quite there.Still just enough fun and interesting that I did enjoy it.
review 2: A fairly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy and I enjoyed seeing all the previous books' characters some together in this one to solve the Griffin incursion. My only quibble is I felt that Kes' motivations and character were never satisfactorily explained, and that her actions sprang more from the need to move a plot point, than that it sprang out of her intrinsic nature and circumstance. Aside from that, this was an interesting world, populated with likable and complex characters, caught up in moving conflicts. I'll definitely be checking out her other works. less
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moderately-paced adult fantasy series with fabulously varied and likeable characters.
A good finale.
A nice finale.
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