I’m not sure at what point the ticking of the clock took over as the depth of insanity clearly orchestrating pain in the most beautiful way; written.

The most immense thing about beauty is finding it gone
When pride is fully grown
And meekness thrown into forsaken booths
Lost in throngs of truths
Simmered with resentment
Drying in discontentment
Capsized by chains of gravity
Sunk into undeniable reality
Some words just can’t be left unsaid
Some stories just can’t be left untold
This is his beautiful adage
He is just taking a long look over the edge
He knows tomorrow is another chance
A new dawn dance
It is in his face everyday
Like a scripted play
Maybe the air is better here because he knows one more step
To place his next leap
And it would be the last he ever tastes
He’s become the fuming shadow dusts
Ignore you fears for him, he is just whistling the same song; gravity
Laying awake all night pondering what life would be

If he never fell for her flatter
If he figured out what they enjoyed doing together
Everything was black and white

During the day and also the night
When they kissed,
He could taste the lies she told
And though his tongue searched deeper for more comfort

The blank spaces came forth
He only found more delusive tongues
She kept her deep feelings away from his ears
She hid her world away from his face
But as their eyes met in an intercourse of sparkles
Their hearts got bound in intimacy shackles
Their emotions began to intertwine with their hunger for love
A masterpiece was born and it exalted their souls in ecstasy
She just couldn’t see
 They became two souls– who wore masks in a room full of faceless people
They found a home
They found solace in a way that only they could fathom
He reposed utmost faith in her
In them
He let her win the war in him
But she chose to flee
He had her break his depressive walls
She chose to break his heart next
And as the lies remained white
His love for her faded in the night
In the mornings they sat in the heavy rain
So that maybe they’d drown in something other than pain
And so it was that he fell for the very pieces of her that she hadn’t learned to articulate just yet
That is what made them
That is what broke them
And he turned to her shivering and said with a heart full of remorse and eyes full of tears,
“Remember when I was the only star in your nights. How none of them but I loved you. I gave you the confidence that you have now. Remember when I broke my own rules for you. When you were sick and no one else but I gave you attention .Now that they like the better you, you’ve forgotten the chest you lay on as you cried cause of low self esteem, the well you’d quench your thirst from whenever your lagoon dried up. I guess it’s time to get you off my oasis and leave you in your desert.
Maybe then you will remember our love …”

She was the beautiful cold sky
And he?
The pale warm horizon
Holding her up

Rubbing off unto her his radiance
Always coloring her fragrance

To be human is to love ~ Sia

Love is gravity

Love bears all things, endures all things,
Love never ends!

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