Have you received a cold call from Promotora Group (fake) with the offer to sell your timeshare?

A new cold calling Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Promotora Group (fake).

Promotora Group (fake) contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer (Condis Supermercats) which they have already waiting, keen on purchasing their weeks, and the price offered is well over the current market price.

The contact person from Promotora Group is a Mrs. Durand. Her email is [email protected]

As to reports received from consumers, the buyer that supposedly is interested to purchase their weeks is a big international company; Condis Supermercats and Promotora Group (fake) provide the consumer even with a contract that seems to evidence this.

As usual with this kind of business, Promotora Group (fake) asks the consumer to pay an upfront fee, and once more we ask ourselves how it is possible that these people do not know about the European Timeshare Directive, which states clearly that requests for upfront fees are not allowed when offering resale of timeshare weeks.

We would say this looks the same as all the other resale companies that pop up and disappear continuously, and we would certainly not recommend paying any money to such a company.


If you were contacted by Promotora Group (fake) from Telephone Number + 00 66 95 92 65 637 with this or a similar offer, please let us know.

You can either e-mail us to [email protected] or leave your comment here on our blog. In both cases we will shortly come back to you with more information.


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