Heart-Stopping Suspense!

Deep Extraction – An FBI Task Force Novel by DiAnn Mills

When a pacemaker fails to save oil and gas owner Nathan Moore’s life, and it’s deemed a homicide, Special Agent Tori Templeton must step in to solve the case. The problem? The victim is her best friend’s husband and the wife is now a prime suspect. How can Tori separate personal from professional?

Deputy US Marshal Cole Jeffers is taking a leave from the Marshals service, but when his friend is murdered and his wife is the prime suspect, he quickly dives back into law enforcement amidst his reservations of going back too soon after his near-death experience. Plus, he must team up with the beautiful FBI agent and her rough and gruff partner to solve the crime.

Tori and Cole soon discover this investigation is not what it appears and their lives are on the line. Literally. Can they solve this case before another twist pops up and more murders happen? Will they be able to curb their growing feelings for each other and concentrate on the case before the killer takes them out?

DiAnn Mills has done it again! Given us another heart-stopping suspense that kept me turning the pages. She’s a master storyteller and had me from the very first chapter.

Deep Extraction is an awesome read with a great plot line. The characters are solid and will worm into a reader’s hearts. Tori’s spunk had me cheering and Cole’s big heart had me swooning.

The imagery used throughout this book helps the reader picture exacting what is happening, putting them right into the pages. I liked that. Job well done.

I also like that Christianity was woven into the book without preaching. This was done effectively.

I give Deep Extraction five oil rigs. It’s one book you’ll be able to dig deep and come out satisfied!

Pick up a copy today!

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