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When I See You (2011)

by Katherine Owen(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: Great book, I am a little undecided on the way Jordan grieved for her son, it was glossed over. Don't get me wrong I do not want to read page after page of grieving but something more would have been a little more believable. I felt she missed her husband Ethan more than her son. We read many instances of her grieving for her parents and her husband, but not much for her child which I feel would have been the greatest loss. I guess the author could have been trying to make us see that she had just had enough and had to grieve in her own way, but it did not come across this way for me. Other than that good book, although Ethan did deserve a smack for spending all her money, regardless if he wanted it to be a "surprise". I guess, in my humble opinion, you can never outdo the... more ballerina and the baseball player. What can I say those two books have spoiled mr for all others.
review 2: Definitely a fiction book! No one could lose that many people in so many ways over a decade & still have medical issues themselves. Overall, the book was a good read with a contemporary issues added to the plot. Most of the book I was thinking about the lives (or lack there of) our servicemen give up. Definitely worth the read. Like most books I read these days, disappointed with the end. I think it's me now. Not the books. less
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I enjoyed but it was too much of a traditional romance for my taste. Romance is not my genre.
This was an awesome book.. A roller coaster ride!
very emotional story worth the tears
LOVED it!!
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