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Perfectly Dateless (2010)

by Kristin Billerbeck(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 5
0800734394 (ISBN13: 9780800734398)
Fleming H. Revell Company
Universally Misunderstood
review 1: I love Kristin Billerbeck as an author which is why I read this book. Normally don't read Christian YA. It started out seeming that it would follow the "parents are wrong and the kids are smarter" sort of plot line. But, it actually ended with the idea that we all get caught up in our own lives and see things from our own perspectives and we often misunderstand each other. Understanding and loving those around us might just surprise us!
review 2: What a fantastic read! The situations the heroine found herself in were truly hilarious and although I was baffled by the need of her parents to keep her so sheltered as what they seemed to be doing was crippling her in growing up and being so clueless in the humiliation they were inflicting on her. Of course things ch
... moreange as the point of view of Daisy changes as she learns more about herself and what she should be holding really dear in life. I really like the aspect of growing and changing and although my views on the parents changed and became so much more sympathetic I still am not one to believe in sheltering kids/teenagers so much that in the end they may have no choice but to turn away from you to figure out how to live life. less
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Light read. More of a young adult type novel. Wish I could find someone like Max :)
I'm a pleasure reader at heart and loved this story and the character Daisy. :)
I loved this book!!:)
Too boring
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