Holding Out – Holding Out

Holding Out are an four piece punk rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne who take influences from Against Me!, Blink 182, Rise Against, NOFX and Bad Religion.

Ellis Paul – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Jason Toward – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Charlie Sanders – Bass
Ryan – Hubbard – Drums

Track List
1, Swing for the Fences
2, Machines
3, Headaches
4, Thrillhouse
5, Plain sailing

Swing for the Fences. The first track fly’s out with more of an pop punk intro riff and then quickly drops into a palm muted verse, there is a slight scream which brings the track up into the chorus. The verse has a very low palm muting from the guitars which keeps the sound very thin which brings a contrast for the chorus which is led into more open chords, the sound seems to be expanding wide and out more. The almost feeling that there is a happy feeling with the track but the lyrics can say otherwise, first track pushes the bands sound out.

Machines. Heavy drum intro which is followed by the rest of the band, there is a really unique riff from the guitar over the top which drives the track forward. The sound doesn’t seem to go down in layers but seems to keep at the full fat sounding verse and with half screaming / shouting vocals over the top for the verse. The aggression really has a big push for the sound of the track and seems to be the main focus of the track, an almost taking no prisoners. The hault in the track when the vocals carry the sound off with the track cutting off and only reappearing for sound to drop back in, such a strong hook for the track. The amount of different riffs, guitar solos and the explosive sound really shows how much has gone into this track, highlight for the Ep.

Headaches. Slow build in the intro, which is sped up by the count in “1,2,3,4” The track breaks into a thick layer of sound which quickly has vocals come on top of the track at a fast pace which continue to push the track along. The vocals drop and there is a whaling sound from guitar which the technical of the guitar is amazing and key part of the track to listen out for. The vocals come back in with two different vocals, pan one to each ear and which is an call and answer to each other. Screaming and guitar solos can show of the bands talents.

Trillhouse. The echo guitar riff which leads the track, the band drops in just under the riff. The vocals are a bit more back and aren’t the screaming vocals in the previous track, this is almost the calm version of the band and the track to relax to. There is a lot of different riffs which seem to smooth the track out and it also keeps the track interesting. The screaming and beautiful guitar solo which is placed just before the end, is something that needs to be heard. As a whole the track does look very strong and there is a different approach for the band which shows that there are more just screaming and fast pace music.

Plain Sailing. There is almost a drift away from the punk and face pace but there seems to be more details that have been put into this track. Verse seems to be relaxed but still contains that punky vibe within the sound. The chorus has a shifting rhythm with the band and the are bits which speed to then slowing down. This track almost looks at what the band is going to be aiming for next for their music.

The Ep is strong and shows a wide range of different talents and a lot of different music which “Holding Out” can do. The recording of the overall Ep can seem messy and it can be unappealing to listen to the tracks, though these guys are worth a listen. This is a great foundation for the band to build on and hopefully their next release will expand from this Ep.


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