Imperfectly Perfect

“There are thousands and thousands of people out there leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, where they work long, hard hours at jobs they hate to enable them to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like.”

― Nigel Marsh


Christmas is coming… Do you all aware of this?

Why did I start with Nigel Marsh’s genuine words and come up with Christmas warning? Look, I have so much to say. Hold very tight and listen to me very carefully.

You see this hideous-fake-shutterstock kinda picture up there? This picture is selling us how to be happy, how to be a family, how to celebrate Christmas etc. Otherwise you will be missing; you will be ashmed of something. You don’t have a father so you are not able to have this picture. You don’t have Christmas tree, then the whole cosy-lovely vibe is not even close to you and to your ‘family’.

$1 trillion: The total expected holiday sales this year are actually expected to exceed $1 trillion. That represents a 3.6% to 4% increase over 2015. (Deloitte, “2016 Holiday Survey”)

For this to happen, you must be insanely lonely or jealous of someone or just being fake person. I don’t even know how this made-up santa thing came together with religious thing. We are all seeing ads, movies, songs everywhere how to be a family on this precious time of the year. Where is your family before that or after?

They teach us how to purchase and we are teaching how to purchase even more to our kids by buying ridiculous amount of gifts for under the tree. We are buying that tree plus things to put on that tree. Plus if you wanna show off, you have to do some presentation outdoor aswell. You have to cook that, for that to cook that you have to get this to put in etc. etc. Every year. Same. Same. And same. More. More. And more. More debts. More wasted things.

They are selling a perfect lingerie on this fake-photoshopped model and a woman who is not able to get in that lingerie seeing this and getting upset and hate herself. Or even worse she is trying to get in the same shape, same look like that fake-photoshopped model with that lingerie but at the end she looks hideous. Because she done ridicoulous surgeries, took absurd amount of pills, changed hair color, fake nails etc but same lingerie.

This guy is watching a fantastic porn and amazed of how they are having sex. The masculine, perfect man and gorgeous, perfect woman. He is cumming but after that he realize how shit he is. How lame he is. How basic he is. He is looking into mirror and seeing himself weak. He is finding girls around him basic as well. Because he just watched holy creatures having holy unreachable lust and now he would do anything to have that. Does he know that it’s all made-up? Not real at all? Does he know that how many pills that man took to get hard on during shots? Does he know how smelly that woman is? Does he know that man actually dying for to stop and walked away from there and never see that woman again? Does he know it’s an industry, a porn industry. So it’s all about you to get something from them or turn into someone/something they want. Of course he has no idea. He was in this hole for a very long time. He is blind. He hates himself and the reality but virtuality.

This man looking at this house picture online and thinking how it could be living in there. He is making enough money to take care of himself and his wife and his kid. The wife doesn’t work. She loves spending. She is also cheating on him when he is working 18 hours a day. But they are very happy family online. And they have, he has debts. They are spending more than what he makes. He will try for this house. He is thinking about getting another loan for his family. He thinks this is the key for happiness. He thinks this is what they need. He is checking out the TV screen for few seconds and seeing this happy family sitting next to christmas tree, they are all wearing same pyjamas, having this beautiful looking hot chocolate and little marshmallows inside, fire place, huge socks their names on it, so many gifts under the tree that he is not even able to count, they are looking to each other, their teeth looks so perfect. White and all straight. Their skin, their body shape, the way they sit on the floor, even this brown dog sleeping next to them looks just so real, so good, so happy. Some people out there having this beauty and he is looking around to check out what he is having. A wife on the phone. A kid on the tablet. Those free furnitures he got from some places, some people. His house looks ridiculous, his pyjamas looks old and vanish. He has to do something. Something! He is calling bank to get the loan.

Do you need more examples?

Then look around you or just in the mirror.

You have debts but also so many ridiculous things you own and never use in your house.

Your garage is full of stuff.

Your life is too small, too basic but you are still dreaming basic…

Your dreams are small.

What is wrong with you?

You are working this hard, having this basic and spend $800 for christmas thing or even more…

What is wrong with you?

Your emptiness, your loneliness, your madness, your weakness are things they actually want from you. To make you purchase some fulfilment to you.


First of all, watch this:

Then this,

Then this,

They made the holidays.

They made the needs.

They made the desires.

Your dreams are already made by them.

Who are they?


You know why we were living wrong. We were with wrong person, we were working for wrong job, wrong place, wrong time. Those stuff you have, those holidays you celebrate, those people around you, that job you work… If they are not good for you. You. Not for your kids, or wife, or mother. How do you feel? Are you okay? If you need to work so much for next holiday. If you sacrifice so much for this person, if you hate your life but you feel like you have to do these spendings,




I will change people around me. I will make them plant a tree for christmas shit. I will stop them buy millions of gifts and ornaments and those special holiday food etc. And then we will save money to pay debts, to relief, to travel, to eat healthy, to charity for animals, for nature, for poor people.

Do you know if America use their wasted food and money for good there would be no longer hunger and poor people around?

I am ending this writing for now. But I will come back again with the same topic over and over again. Because people won’t change, system won’t change and I will have more things to say.




credit: stop being weak.

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