It’s cold and my ankle hurts. What now?

Well, the temperature swings are really creating havoc in maintaining a workout routine.  The southern states do not do well with cold weather and the very hint of moisture causes civil unrest similar to when the lights would go out at school and students would loose their minds.  That means that my work schedule becomes erratic and that I have to get creative with the times that I work out.

Still, it is cold.  And my past two workouts ended with me feeling pain in an old injury from two years ago – high on the outside right ankle.  I have read a couple of sites and believe that this will probably not go away, even with therapy and/or surgery.  So I will tape it or wear a brace and see what happens while taking my training form into consideration along with recoveries.  This may be a good time to really focus on my diet.

With that said, an old friend of mine (long time not in age) sent me The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson.  I am digging what I am reading so far.  At first I was skeptical but as I process the information it makes sense.  If I decide to go this route then I will start it next week, but I will also need to convince my wife that she should do it with me.

Training for the 20k does not officially start until March 11.  That should give me time to focus on my eating habits and to train lightly while helping my ankle become stronger.  That is not what I want to do but it is what I need to do, although my old therapist would say that I do not ‘need’ to do it.  And she would be correct.  It would benefit my long term goal to nurse my ankle back to full health before commencing the training in March.  That gives me plenty of time to focus on lifestyle changes too.

Boooo.  I can still hit the 10 miles a week, but it will need to be slow and possibly just walk for a large chunk of it.  The row machine and elliptical do not hurt, so maybe I can focus on those as well.


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