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Timestorm (2014)

by Julie Cross(Favorite Author)
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St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: "Timestorm" is the third and final installment to the series "Tempest" by Julie Cross. It works though it gets a little strange in places.The story: Jackson, his father and Holly are trapped in a place where they cannot time jump out but if you have to be stuck somewhere, being stuck with everyone you love is not so bad. Meanwhile the bad guys at Eyewall are working up something terrible that will turn the Earth's future into a Nazi fun world.Any problems with this novel? The angst is a little too much to bear. I understand why Jackson thinks he must stay away from Holly but he's overdoing it feeling-wise. No man I know would go through this much trouble with conflicting feelings. Jackson's father had to make similar decisions but his decision-making skills make more sense... more (from a man's perspective) than the decisions Jackson is making. My sense is that Jackson (a young man) is acting like a girl which is always the pitfall for female authors. It is the equivalent of male authors totally misjudging how a woman would feel. Men are simple creatures. Women are complex. When a man has complex motivations it had better involve money, food or sex and those motivations had better be resolved in short order... unless he is on a quest. Once he decides to sacrifice himself for love, he should not revisit that decision too much. In this novel, it was too much, making Jackson seem like a whiner from the male perspective. Perhaps I'm making too much of it. I'd read this book again as part of the overall series. The ending was a surprise but a welcome surprise. Getting there was exciting even though it seemed contrived. The science explanation was confusing but if the reader ignores that then it all works out. All the major problems are resolved one way or the other. This is the end of the series.
review 2: This series (trilogy, really) started off great. The first book was good that I came back to the library to finish (after being forced to abandon it at pg.152). Then there is the second book. It was good enough for me to read the third. Now the question is "Do I like the third book?"Well, I think that question will be answered by the end of this review.First of all, I congrat Julie Cross for completing this series (trilogy, really) after so long (three or less years, to be truthful, but it is probably forever for Cross). Jackson Meyer and Tempest division's hidden secrets are all secretive and complicated creations. That goes the same for most books and characters. (There is tons of examples. Harry Potter, Grave Mercy, Cinder, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, etc).Jackson Meyer's life was torn apart in the previous two books and the events before those books. Courtney, his sister, died before the beginning of the first book. Jackson's mother remained out of the picture for almost all of the pages other than a few mentions here and there, because she is gone. In the first book, Jackson discovered time traveling and its unfortunate consequences (CIA and Eyewall are only part of it). Then in the second book, it turns out that Jackson screwed everything up, so...Timestorm is practically guaranteed to be interesting and an entertaining story for most readers, right?As we followed the plot, Jackson (I keep thinking Andrew Jackson, US President) learns several lessons about self-sacrifice, sacrifice (kind of a repeat), letting things free, and how far a mother's love would go. I know. I know. It sounds so cheesy.Let's talk about Holly. One of the most confusing aspects about time traveling books (along with dimensional-traveling and other variations) is the number of different personalities/versions. Timestorm is no exception to that problem. Period. (I'll admit that I liked Agent Holly Flynn out of all the different versions of her).Then there is the writing, plot and story. One thing I'll say is how bored I was throughout the entire time I was reading this book. Something about Timestorm is missing. It was there in Tempest. It was definitely there in Vortex. It isn't there in Timestorm.Overall, I think Timestorm ended poorly compared to the rest of the trilogy. (That is low marks for sure). So what now? Everything goes back to where it once were (other than Holly's death)? That is a crappy ending.Rating: Two out of Five (Boredom)-ofpaperandwords.blogspot.com less
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This was better than the second book. The ending was a little too easy, but overall I liked it.
It was an amazing closure to this serious! Highly recommend the whole serious.
best one of the whole series!!
Great finale! Language.
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