Jax Jones releases new single “Breathe” BOP or FLOP???

Seems producer and artist Jax Jones has released another song entitled “Breathe” 

The song itself is a heavy dance track, with his signature logo on an item of packaging logo this time on a box of breath mints! Classic!

The catchy dum dum you’re in my head parts and the build-ups before the chorus beat drop are well arranged and easy to listen too. The chorus itself its “now time to breathe”, lyrically its a well-written song about a woman struggling with her feelings for a guy, as she tells herself “Now its time to breathe” I think is a relatable song and people will be able to connect with the lyrics.

The track definitely attains the signature Jax jones style from his previous hits, and I can definitely see this being played at clubs in London.

You Don’t Know Me 

& Instruction 

House Work 

his signature “whatcha gonna do?” insignia as heard in his previous songs is at the start of the song. It seems Jax Jones enjoys working with different female artists. It appears as though people are wanting a Jax Jones ft Selena Gomez number! What other features could we end up seeing in the future from Jax Jones? More too come from him hopefully in 2018!

Always great when You Don’t Know Me or Instruction comes on at the clubs, now we have breathe as well is just more great music to jam out to on the dance floor!

Verdict = BOP!!!!

Another BOP Music Post

Author – Cameron Deacon


Check it out for yourself and let us know your opinion on the song in the comments!

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