Winter and the Death Angel 

The interval between the summer farewell and winter arrival is a lovely time, isn’t it? The days and nights of the new born winter crawling its cool breeze and slight nightfall dew, certainly sounds wonderful.

Almost every early morning of the cold nights, I have been hearing a funeral call while wrapped in the warm blanket. Last consecutive three mornings, I heard the funeral calls of my known people and It’s been the third funeral preyer I offered since this week here in my native village. As the winter season begins the death Angel starts knocking doors, is the perception of all the villagers based on historical experience. People who live in cities might hear a ‘funeral call’ but those who dwell in the suburbs or villages often hear it.

That night when I crawled into my blanket and closed my eyes, it popped up in my mind that how everyone is keen and eager for a bright future in this life. How every guardian is thoughtful, worried and busy in providing better education, competent skills and excellent guidance to make them successful in the future. But what exactly the future is? I questioned myself. What is the real meaning of it? There may be various and beautiful answers but what I answered myself was ‘a point or moment in the coming time after which one will sustain the reputation, achieved on that moment, for the rest of life‘.

And what afterwards…..seeing the death Angel? Dwelling in the graveyard? Or starting up another life “the hereafter”?

Some may follow the ideology that there is no life after death or this is the only life, though various religions beleive in the life hereafter. But for those, who do not beleive in the hereafter, what if there is life after death and what if that life is the outcome of what we do here as good and bad deeds. As the religious followers of Islam strongly beleive in the hereafter and will face the accountability on the judgment day, do the right deeds while beautifying their lives here. And what does it cost the nonbelievers to assume the life after death as a draw, a raffle, a contest and invest in it by doing good deeds while fructifying this worldly life.

As of the famous English proverb ‘Death keeps no calendar’, how many of our beloveds have been passed away and how many we have buried without knowledge of their passing away and even we don’t have idea of our own passings. In Al-Qur’an, the sacred book of Muslims, mentioned that “Everyone upon the earth will perish,  And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor”(chapter 55:26-27). And in another chapter it’s mentioned that “How can you disbelieve in Allaah when you were lifeless He brought you to life; then He will cause you to die, then He will bring you [back] to life, and then to Him you will be returned”(chapter 2, verse 28).

As the leaves perish in fall, so on time we shall too.

Believing that this is the only life we get and should be spent the way we want but what if this ideology is not true and none of us can clinch it, because none has returned after death to tell us. I think its the point that everyone will accept and agree. So, why not to be optimistic and determine to fructify the future of here and the hereafter as well.

Will you start doing good deeds and stop doing bad deeds?

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