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The Dante Connection (2000)

by Estelle Ryan(Favorite Author)
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Genevieve Lenard
review 1: Five Stars. This book, the second in the series continues perfectly where the first left off. It can work as a stand-alone but no self-respecting bibliophile would start with Number Two (would they ?). They are BOTH worth reading - IN ORDER (Commandment #1) The characterisation within the book is subtly and gradually unfolding just as Genevieve's ability to socialise and change is being tested. A team framework where once there was only five individuals is evolving and the complexity that is Tomasz Kubanov is also taking shape as battlelines are drawn both physically and psychologically. This is a book about thinking, about what constitutes criminality and conventional sociability. It stresses the non-neurotypical as being able to rightly take a useful place in society and... more the love and regard that Colin, Vinnie, Francine, (even Manny) show towards Genevieve lights up the book and the idea of caring relationships. The criminals use people - the forces of law and order respect them. I think I'll read number three next.
review 2: I am loving Estelle Ryan and the first of the series, The Gauguin Connection was a knockout and because I expected the same with this, rode on the edge of slight disappointment. Yes, it was a good read, interesting and the protagonist, Genevieve, who is functionally genius autistic, is such an enigmatic woman,I still gave this a four. Should be 3.5. I ordered the last two in the Genevieve Lanard series, The Braque Connection to be read next. less
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Another terrific mystery that brings out the characters even more.
really enjoyable puzzle mystery
Good book.
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