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Death In Perugia: The Definitive Account Of The Meredith Kercher Case From Her Murder To The Acquittal Of Raffaele Sollecito And Amanda Knox (2011)

by John Follain(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
1444706551 (ISBN13: 9781444706550)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: This case and investigation is a complete cluster. I don't think we will ever know the truth about what happened to Meredith Kercher, which is an awful shame for her family. My personal opinion about Amanda Knox given the thorough evidence stated in the book is that she wasn't involved (and my guess as to why her recollection of the night of the murder is so poor is a mixture of stress and drugs). But hey. She was convicted again earlier this year. A weird, maybe kind of unlikeable or attention-seeking person does not a murderess make.
review 2: Bem balanceado, mais isento e menos sensacionalista, me parece, que a média de lançamentos sobre o caso. Obviamente já está desatualizado, tendo em vista os últimos desenvolvimentos do julgamento, seria intere
... moressante uma nova edição. Bastante detalhes (às vezes até demais?). Enfim, me parece um bom ponto para quem se interessar em saber mais sobre o crime (os livros da própria Amanda e de Rafaelle obviamente trazem outro apelo, mas não têm como ser tão completos/abrangentes). less
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How can I read it ...?.. I pressed read .... Still new to this app
A fascinating insight into the case against Foxy Knoxy. Guilty!!
I didn't finish this book. I didn't enjoy it at all.
A bit dull
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