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House Rules (2013)

by Chloe Neill(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 5
NAL Penguin
Chicagoland Vampires
review 1: Such a fun read. I love this series. It just makes me happy with the right amount of action, romance and witty banter. Can never get enough Ethan. I did feel that this book was a set up for bigger stuff to come: cadogan on its own, RG becoming a bigger deal, Mallory healing, shifter importance, Ethan and merit's relationship more solid so they can hopefully face the big stuff together and no more wondering if they are going to break up over misunderstandings.
review 2: Of course I enjoyed it. The beginning was a bit slow. There is a ton of set up and sleuthing and angst. Lacey is so annoying I had to put this down for a while. Somewhere around 50% i kinda just wanted to scream at Merit for being an idiot and also kill Lacey. I guess i should have soldiered on a
... more few pages because then it got very good. I am looking forward to more Merit and Ethan. They have made some real growth in their relationship. less
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Much better than the last book.. Looking forward to the next book, at least it's not that far away.
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