Modelling arithmetic calculator in Fallout 4 game: Four bit adder

On the past weekend a friend of mine has asked if I really understand how all those bits are running inside computers. I answered positively for sure, but nevertheless decided to build a bicycle electronic device that require binary logic and operation. Having no Arduino, Raspberry or even soldering iron at my place I put my eyes on emulator … Fallout 4 game. Guys, really, who needs some boring emulator if we can have lots of fun, playing a game with amazing 3D graphic?

See my short video about switching tumblers on a huge concrete structure of CalcWall version 0.1:

I was planning to build at least Adder and Subtractor parts along with some kind of display and keyboard, but unfortunately my vacation is now over, so I have lost a chance to construct something more than a simple Adder implementation in a nearest future.

Current CalcWall schematic, not fully compliant to standards, is shown below:

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