Mystery of dreams.

Everybody born musically, being a musician is a wonderful experience although it’s hard to become one. I am going to share how music and our dreams are correlated which is just my own experience and it’s not a proven hypothesis.

If you are a musician, both of your brain hemispheres are said to be ‘cordinated’. Eventually it will help to produce conscencius series of dreams, it can be related to your thoughts, life experiences and your expectations while you are sleeping. It might be self induced or by the unknown properties of our brain waves(alpha, beta, theta so on), even though the practicality is not known.

You wake up in a fresh beautiful morning with a bunch of unclear visions you had last night, you would try to remember(if it was interesting), you would recall or never. So what I found intersting is you could use this as reference (your brain is a library). {Note: a better decision comes from a calm quiet brain}.

At times we struggle hard to make a decision in life, often time we get anxious, depressed, frightened causing internal or external conflicts. The brain constantly working for a solution while you are awake or sleeping. Furthermore, what can happen is (only my belief) our subconscious mind will create a series of slides in the form of ‘dream’ in association with our unconscious memory bits, it can be related to our thoughts and life experiences. Few of them are very rich in content and productive.

I have had these scenario from last 5 or 6 years as I was more into music and musical instruments. I do not want to degrade my ‘visions‘ as dreams, because those were extraordinary, amazing, truthful, productive and creative, in the sense that how we approach to it. Make use out of it.

To sum up, the statements and the findings are genuine only to me as of now, I cannot conduct a scientific research on these findings in order to find a thesis. A reader could critique my views which is indeed in my growth. I do not have PhD, do I have a working brain enriched with thoughts and dreams. Why can’t we productive on such sparks, if it’s relevant to our life?. I believe dreams have phenomenal characteristics if you take it seriously. Let’s ‘Music’ and ‘dream’.

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