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Tierra Fría (2000)

by Sarah Moss(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 5
8492723254 (ISBN13: 9788492723256)
review 1: I read this book in two days...I just couldn't put it down! A very simplistic yet chilling tale of an archaelogical dig gone wrong. Wonderfully descriptive of the Greenland landscape. Taught me about how quickly the seasons change there - I had no idea it could go from summer to winter so quickly. Interesting perspective on the story - written from several different characters perspectives & done well in that each character did seem like a different person - their voice was different to the previous narrator. However I agree with other reviews that the ending was disappointing - it wasn't tidy, it did leave unanswered questions.
review 2: Some readers have faulted this book for its simplistic writing. I enjoy reading a very good story that I don't have to run t
... moreo the dictionary every 3 pages. I liked the premise and the setting and the aforementioned neuroticism of the characters. It was humorous to me how the neuroticism actually faded when the characters began to accept the paranormal effects of their work on the spirits of the land. Well-written in letter form when the characters begin to accept that they are going to die from exposure and starvation, they compose letters to home. The interaction between the living and the dead is very nuanced. I wish I could find more books with this powerful a plot with such fragile and stubborn people. less
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Well written, (shortish) suspense story of 6 archeologists stranded in Greenland...
Creepy, atmospheric, and an incredible page-turner. Read it in one afternoon.
I really grabbed my attention. I wasn't too keen on the ending though.
confusing and not really worth reading
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