Music Monday: Something Just Like This

When we think back on our trip to Disney this past April, we fondly remember our favourite rides and the fun we had. It seems like it was a far-off memory now, but there is one sure way for us to instantly be brought back and that is with music.

Today’s Music Monday song is brought to you by driving in Orlando.

We rented a car in Florida, which was equipped with SiriusXM radio. In fact, we really only had one station, which turned out to be a sort of preview station that pretty much played the same top 40 songs repeatedly.

We weren’t ever in the car for too long, so it didn’t really matter to us. To the kids, it meant they could hear the songs they liked, without D and I being able to change them. It also meant that every night, whether we were coming home from a DisneyWorld park or from dinner, we would hear Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay.

And I mean every night.

Months later, this song still has steam and has wedged itself into my life. It instantly takes me back to those drives home. I can remember turning around to see them singing along with me, or if it was quiet, checking the rearview mirror to find the Little Mouse asleep in her Minnie Mouse hat. Or, it was simply playing in the background as we discussed how great our day had been.

It’s a good thing I like the song! With its catchy beat, this song has become the anthem to our trip. The girls will say “Mommy! Remember this played every day when we drove home?” Or it will jog their memory of time at Disney and we’re off reminiscing again about what a wonderful trip is was, which leads to the inevitable question of “when we can go back again?”

That’s the wonderful thing about music. Instantly you’re transported. The kids see how music connects you to a time and place and they too love that this is our Disney 2017 anthem.

Happy Monday! Enjoy your day.


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