Narcissists’ Online Feeding Frenzy

Narcissists’ Online Feeding Frenzy ~

You waste no time,



on your shiny

and brand new



You administer your

Facebook Group

your book-learned advice,

and your

unadulterated, heroic



With gleaming eyes,

you imagine

their pleasure

as you give them your

malicious, and purposeful,

Love Bombing



All the while,

you will search

their weaknesses,

which you put under

the microscope of your skillful,

and elaborate,



While you feign

your charm,

you ponder upon

your dish of such

a fine and unsuspecting



These poor lost souls

will cherish

your goodly advice,

while you valiantly

sit in the background,

caressing your throbbing



You will groom them well

because in store for them

will eventually come

their devaluation

through your major


and projection;


Then, you will plan out,

and anticipate,

their final discard,

as you climax at the thought

of their pain upon

your final



Narcissists’ Online Feeding Frenzy


© 2017 Tamara Yancosky Moore

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Narcissists’ Feeding Frenzy

Narcissists can be lurking on social media, including within Facebook Groups specifically dedicated for victims of Narcissistic Abuse!

On these sites are vulnerable people who are emotionally fragile from having been only recently involved in a relationship with a Covert Narcissist, or Sociopath.

Hence, these helping sites are perfect hunting grounds for Narcissists to ensnare, and exploit, already programmed victims.

Once a victim has been previously injured by the jaws of a Narcissist/Sociopath, he/she can easily be detected by other Narcissists and Sociopaths as viable bait, unless the victim is fully healed from previous Narcissist Relationships (through a long recovery process).

1). Lovebombing: The initial period of Idealization where the Narcissist mirrors their victim so well that the victim becomes attracted to them, and thinks it to be truth when the deceptive Narcissist informs the victim, very soon into the relationship, that “we are soulmates“.

2). Devaluation: The Narcissist starts to become bored with his/her “soulmate”, and insidiously leads the victim down a psychologically traumatizing road of brainwashing tactics and calculated abuse assaults that can eventually cause the victim to lose their personal identity, and at times, their sanity, or their desire to even live.

3). Gaslighting: The implementation of making subtle, (or blunt), remarks to insinuate that their victim is crazy, unstable, or delusional, ETC., in order to cause the victim to start questioning their own sanity. This is a powerfully potent form of abuse.

4). Projection: The Narcissist projects his/her own sinister behaviors onto the victim, claiming that it is the victim who is the abusive one.

5). Discard: The Narcissist can leave their partner/spouse instantly, no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship with the victim, without ever glancing back, feeling any remorse, pain, or even acknowledging the victim, ever again. (Ghosting)

6): Smear Campaign: The Narcissist cunningly gets as many people as possible to believe horrendous, but well-crafted lies, about the victim via full lies, half lies/half truths, or omitting relevant information.

Example: Narcissists will bait the victim incessantly by provoking and pushing all of the victim’s buttons, until the victim finally reacts, or lashes out, in anger. Then, the Narcissist will exploit their victim’s reactions by making it known to everyone that the said-individual is a mean, volatile, and angry person. However, the Narcissist will conveniently omit the part about how the victim was provoked for a long time, in every way possible, before the victim finally reacted. The Narcissist/Sociopath will be secretly incurring “evidence” early on in the realationship to use against the victim for the future Discard Phase. 

Narcissists are incredibly believable, and very much likable, by those who have no idea that the Narcissist is actually a masked deceiver. Not only are Narcissists capable of horridly cruel and evil tactics, but they live by these deplorable, and sinister behaviors in order to fuel their own egos.

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