Nicole, our adopted dog

Nicole, our adopted dog, is black with short fur, she had droopy ears which makes her forever looks like a pup. She has a long, red tongue. She is a mongrel, a Singapore Special (SS). Lots of people will mistook her as a black labordor (Young Lab) especially when you see her from far.

Nicole’s pictures from different years. The one with lots of trees behind her was the most recent picture taken which is almost 3 years old. She looks more like a Lab as she grows up.

Nicole is a very timid dog who had a crippled hinge paw (Not sure was it hit by car, motor or bicycle or beaten by human or biten by fierce dogs. What we know is that she didn’t had any proper treatment during that accident when she was young. Most properly she was a stray dog when accident happened). Maybe because of that, she is afraid of anything and everything when we first brought her in. Sounds like motor, cars, buses, bicycles, scooters, umbrella, loud noise, etc will scare her off. But now, she is better, more brave but sudden sound from behind still will freak her out.

You can see one of her hinge paw is straight and the other crippled one is bent. Thus she can’t sit properly and can’t sit long. You will always see her lying down most of the time.

Nicole is always very curious and excited when comes to dogs but towards human,  she will behaves like a shy toddler who will hide behind their mums! Lol~ She will only let you touch when she gets comfortable with you. So if you are the 1st time seeing Nicole and she allows you to touch, you can consider yourself lucky!

We have adopted Nicole for 2 years since 3 Oct 2015 and she is now 3 years old. I remembered that time when we volunteered @ Blk2 Forever Canine Dog Shelter for a year plus, we knew a lot of dogs and we had lots of fun and laughter with them. But the only dog who came to us and looked into our eyes was Nicole. (That time, she was named as Serena). As we were the volunteers @ the dog shelter, therefore, we had many chances to mingle with her. We bathed her, walked her and played with her during our free time in the dog shelter. In the end, we decided that she is the one thus gave her a home and brought her back.

The day when we brought Nicole home from the dog shelter.

From then onwards, Nicole becomes our adopted dog. A member of our family. She is also known as our silly, clown dog who can’t reject any food or treats!

Nicole always do silly things which we don’t understand why she did that. She can do anything for you for the sake of food and treats!

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