No surf today, Weezer

Weezer’s biggest show in the UK to date and this is how they deliver. I felt Weezer’s performance on Saturday at Wembley Arena lacked enthusiasm. The band did not want to be there. Outside confirming the band was in ‘Hey Londonnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!’, there was little engagement. Where was the fun that this band is known for? I would understand if arguably the founders of ‘nerd rock’ (not a fan of the phrase) had changed their direction in sound but they haven’t. That’s not a bad thing but I guess a fan would expect that after years of loyal support resulting in the band playing such a huge stage like Wembley, the band would throw a matched celebration in return.

Top marks go to the visuals operator who displayed a mixture of brilliant animations and archive footage. Of course, one of the common themes that shone through was surfing but how many Weezer members actually surf or have done? I am not saying you have to surf in order to like surfing. I am just starting to question what is real about this band especially at a time when authenticity and truth seem to be what everyone is searching for.

Take example the cover of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’. It was so unimaginative and I still haven’t got to the bottom of the relevance of them covering this song and I can’t not mention the version of ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’ by Mike Posner, performed solo by Rivers. Why? I guess part of this blog is about finding some fulfilment, so if you have any idea, let me know.

Maybe there doesn’t need to be a point to all of this and Weezer are here on this planet to provide ironic pop songs to aging skate shoe wearing middle management types but I just can’t believe that. They are so much more. Look at and listen to their back catalogue. Some of the best ever formulated pop-rock tracks that were adored by the masses and the alternatives alike.

God Is In The TV’s latest review of Weezer’s new album Pacific Daydream – “I remain unconvinced that the majority of Pacific Daydream isn’t just Rivers doing it for a joke. It’s so generic and pitch-perfectly idiotic for it not to be.” I am inclined to agree.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe this is all one big joke that Rivers Cuomo has thought up and he has fooled us. Sombrero hat and all.

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