November 2017: Wrap-Up

November proved to be a very productive month for me! I’ve finished up my online courses early (!!!!), which left an immense space in my schedule for reading. Which, to be honest, was a great thing as I’m so far behind in my reading challenge! Here are the books I read this past month.

The End of the Affair – Graham Greene (5/5 stars) *Imagine Ben Howard is playing in the background* The End of the Affair easily became one of my top books of the year. The novel is so short, but the plot is so real and deep. The characters are very human and beautifully flawed. I have never read anything like this novel before.

Tess of the D’Ubervilles – Thomas Hardy (4/5 stars) Tess is my second Thomas Hardy novel and I have fallen more in love with his book. Following the story of a young woman who receives hardship after hardship due not only to her folly, but those around her. It’s incredibly sad, which helps set it apart from other 19th century novels about young heroines.

This is Where I Leave You – Jonathan Tropper (4/5 stars) I picked up this novel because it appeared to be more light hearted than the others I had read up this point in November. I found it very funny, with a dynamic cast of characters. This novel helps remind us to cherish our families with all of their quirks and dysfunctions.

Tender is the Night – F. Scott Fitzgerald (4/5 stars) I have loved everything I’ve ever read by Fitzgerald. His authenticity, his writing style, he gives my soul life haha (but, seriously). The story paints a portrait of mental health and the decline of oneself. It’s my last “official” F. Scott Fitzgerald novel and I’m quite sad to see it go.

The Coal Tattoo – Silas House (4/5 stars) Silas House is one of my favorites. Southern authors and writing isn’t a genre I’ve typically found myself reading, but it is one I want to explore more. Growing up in Kentucky is something I have always been so proud of. I love the way Silas House captures the culture, the history, the people, and the beauty of this region.

Anne of Green Gables – L. M. Montgomery (5/5 stars) I love children’s novels and coming of age stories. This book fit both of those categories. It’s a sweet, realistic portrait of childhood that captured my heart. (Also how cute is this edition?!)

I sped through so many wonderful books in November and I’m hoping to finish out the year doing the same.

Thanks for stopping in and happy reading!
Kaycee xx

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