Okay, let’s do this

Welcome to my website and its inbuilt blog! I don’t have a very good track record at blogging, but here goes for the umpteenth time!

We’re already more than a month into 2017, and I’m currently juggling a proofread (a psychology textbook) with a couple of small corporate writing jobs (a newsletter and a LinkedIn article). I’m also going well with my New Year’s resolution of finishing the trilogy of children’s books that I started last year. Book 1 is finished, and I’m currently making revisions to Book 2. If I can have those revisions done by the end of March I’ll be very happy; I can then start working on Book 3. My deadline for having them all ready is December 31.

Outside work and writing, I’ve been reading some romantic suspense by Australian writer Bronywn Parry. I broke my toe just before Christmas, which curtailed my usual bushwalking activities for a few weeks, so reading Parry’s national parks-based adventures while lying in the hammock was a great substitute. Another book I really enjoyed was Frozen Charlotte, a creepy YA supernatural tale by young British writer Alex Bell.

I’ve also been watching quite a bit of sport – primarily the cricket teams my son plays for, but also (on television) the opening games of the first-ever women’s Australian football league. I edited a history of women’s football (Play On by Brunette Lenkic and Rob Hess) last year, and it inspired the short story I wrote for last year’s Scarlet Stiletto Awards – Foul Play, about how a game between the shopgirls and seamstresses of a fictional Perth department store is interrupted by murder. This was based on the first women’s football match between the shopgirls and seamstresses of Foy and Gibson 100 years ago – they didn’t have to solve a murder, but they did have to play in long dresses, hats and unsuitable footwear! It’s great to see the women have a national league at last.

With Nicole da Silva (Wentworth‘s Franky Doyle) at the 2016 Scarlet Stiletto Awards where my football-themed mystery won two prizes.