Pear Ginger Cranberry Conserve – Nuts!!

Sunday was a creative day for me and busy with trying to power through my cranberry recipes for the Holidays!  I previously made a conserve from BH&G but it was different than the ones that I have made before so I wanted to make one with Pears and Cranberries.

I had to add a little creative licensing here and followed a blog that took Marisa McClellan’s recipe from her book Food in Jars on Pear Ginger Conserve and added Cranberries to it which can be found at fillmore Container Blog (they had permission to reprint it which is why I am linking to it as opposed to putting a copy of the page on my blog.  I do own all three of Marisa’s books and love them!

I found Aimee’s blog from Simply Bites on Cranberry Pear Conserve with Ginger which did not have the walnuts but more ginger was added.  I pretty much followed the Food in Jars Pear Ginger Conserve and added 12 oz (1 bag) of cranberries.

I personally think the walnuts make this conserve!  Yum!

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