“The Regime, Insurgency, Brotherhood..all for the birds.”

The Regime is bad for business. But if the Regime is destroyed and either the Insurgency or Brotherhood replace it, it would still be bad for business. After successfully breaking out of Arkham Prison, Penguin laid low during the Brainiac crisis and slowly but surely began to rebuild his criminal empire from the ground of. Employing hired muscle like Killer Croc and enlisting aid from supervillains like Reverse-Flash helped him keep ahead during the difficult times.

However, he has always been careful not to liken it to The Society; stating it was flawed due to Gorilla Grodd. Instead, the Penguin has decided to name this little group The Cabal.

Character Power
  • Robo-Penguin: Penguin sends out a robotic penguin that is controlled via CPU and will perform a number of actions depending on the situation:
    • The Robo Penguin will fire a bullet out of its mouth if the opponent is far away.
    • The Robo Penguin will slide along the ground if the opponent is midway to Penguin.
    • the Robo Penguin will unleash a unleash smoke bomb if the opponent is close to the Penguin.
    • The Robo Penguin will self destruct if attacked.
    • The Robo Penguin will fire a homing rocket at an airborne opponent. Injustice 3
  • Special Moves and Customs Super Move
  • Penguinland: The Penguin slaps the opponent with his umbrella which knocks them into a Penguinkart which propels them along a track and dumps them straight into the Penguin’s hideout: Penguinland. Four more Penguinkarts collide and hit the opponent followed by a squadron of Robo Penguins who open and fire on the opponent. The Penguin laughing, then presses a button which causes a gigantic Robo Penguin to drop from the sky and land on top of the player.The Penguin then uses the curve of his cane to pull out the opponent and throw them back onto the stage.  Injustice 3

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