Phoenix- Born From My Ashes


Melancholy in my heart,

I collapse a level down.

Constrained with this weight,

I feel choked to the halt point.

I can see it coming for me,

I know clearly what you perceive of me.

You ask me to ascend,

When you have the weight of you on me.

I suffocate,

I suffocate,

I see my ruins clearly,

My whole existence turned into ashes ultimately.

I am lost,

I am broken,

All I hear is these voices in my head,

That tells me I am not good enough.

And I am gone, forever. . .

I smile,

I take a deep breath,

Move these now stiffed parts of mine,

I rise up with my head held high.

I am re-born within this life.

Yes, these issues kill me at times,

But, they make me the best version of myself.

I am strong,

For I am re-born from my ashes.

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