Pocono Recap and New Logo Reveal! by Lindsay Bandy

The return to real life after the Pocono Retreat (laundry, sibling squabbles, HVAC repairs, oh my!) is always a tough one, and this year has been no exception. Now that I’m home and my children are back onto their normal bedtime and tooth-brushing routines, I’m reflecting on the best moments of the weekend, and I hope you will, too! Use this post as a little fill-in-the-blank guide to sharing about your weekend in the comment section. And if you couldn’t join us this year, but enjoyed the retreat in the past, feel free to share a thing or two that stuck with you.

The first highlight to share with you is OUR NEW EPA SCBWI LOGO! Thanks to all the amazingly talented artists who submitted and made the logo decision reeeeally hard! After voting by secret ballot at the retreat, we’re happy to announce that Beth Bogert’s logo was the winner!









Do you like it?! Be sure to tell Beth!

And now, here are my Best of Pocono 2017 Moments…..

Favorite Food of the Weekend: The food!!!! I don’t have to cook it, which is miraculous in and of itself. And I have a very good theory that a socializing introvert burns at least double her usual calories (don’t look up any data on that, please.) So…my favorite? While I was delighted by the surprising cream puffs filled with ice cream (!), the chili and cornbread, and the luscious salads, I have to say my favorite single dish was the grilled cauliflower. I’ve never enjoyed cauliflower so much in my life – well done, chef. Well done.

-Hardest laugh of the weekend: I happened to overhear someone saying they wanted to win the “Shriveler Subscription” instead of the “Scrivener Subscription” in the silent auction. Rest assured, I will NOT be outbidding you on a Shriveler! (Ps. To the person who said this, I totally know you just got tongue tied. Thanks for the giggle!!)

-Most emotional moment of the conference: Listening to author/illustrator Kelly Light discuss her very personal road to publication. We were honored to have you join us, Kelly, and we cheer you on towards many happy endings ❤

-Scariest moment of the weekend: When my phone overheated on the Turnpike and I couldn’t get my GPS to work for a bit. Either that, or anticipating my critiques. Both were pretty terrifying, but both worked out just fine in the end.  I did not get lost. And I did not cry. SCORE!

-Warmest Fuzziest moment of the weekend: All the hugs! Seriously, there is so much love in our company. As someone who never quite fit into any of the high school cliques, it’s AMAZING to feel so much a part of this group. Susan Campbell Bartoletti said it best when she said that entering the writing community made her feel like “The ugly duckling who found her swans.”

Thank you to all of those friends who hug me, listen to my struggles and joys, and encourage me along this bumpy road. You are my GPS! Thanks for understanding that I sometimes talk to myself, fall asleep untangling plot problems, and use the quiet space of written words to figure out my world. My world is a better place thanks to you!

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