Posters: ‘A Star Wars Story’ Set

I found myself having to re-install Photoshop the other day, much to my dismay, and because of this I lost a good portion of my brushes and patterns, which I hadn’t backed up or saved (so yeah, my own fault!). So whilst I was back to basics I thought I’d try my hand at a modern/minimal piece for the upcoming STAR WARS spin-off – SOLO.

Minimal posters were one of the reasons I got into poster making. I’m a huge fan and I love how just one image or a small piece of text can be all you need to identify a film or character – so for SOLO, it was a toss up between using the Millennium Falcon or his trusty blaster, and as you see below I went for his blaster.

Once I’d finished the SOLO poster I received a number of really positive comments on it and I thought that maybe I could do a set of similar looking posters for the ‘A STAR WARS STORY’ spin-offs, including Gareth Edwards’ ROGUE ONE and the rumoured upcoming spin-off that will be focus on a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi.

HQ Versions can be viewed/downloaded here

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