”Snowmageddon” has lingered much longer than I had originally anticipated. When we first got word of our impending Winter Weather situation, we were led to believe that the snow would not stay long as the temperatures would be rising and would cause significant melting.

This did not occur.

Since the arrival of our snowfall on Thursday, our temperatures have remained steadily in the lower 20’s and teens and the roads have remained less than desirable for travel.

No big deal. I like staying at home all warm and snug in my living room under a blanket with warmth engulfing me.

Right up until the power goes out which is exactly what greeted us early this morning just as we had gone downstairs and I was about to make breakfast.

We remained powerless until late this afternoon and spent the day upstairs in my room where the heat tends to like to hibernate.

We played chess, we took a short nap, we worked on some Math, and we just spent the day completely unplugged. It was one of the most restful afternoons we have had in a long time.

Aside from the fact that you could have built a snowman in our downstairs area due to the cold creeping in with no heat, it was actually a really fantastic day.

I don’t think I will be as upset the next time the power goes out. Instead, I will just embrace the quiet splendor of it all and grab a few extra blankets to keep me warm.

I hope you all have had a safe, warm, and blessed day!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤️

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