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Le Sauvage (2010)

by David Almond(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
2070622797 (ISBN13: 9782070622795)
review 1: Okay, I'll be honest... At first I simply chose this book at random out of David Almond's collection of tales. I never expected it to be like this...It was dark, frightening, sad, magical and just so, so beautuiful. In the format of a 'graphic novel' the experience of 'The Savage' is literally priceless.But that's just my opinion - I'm kind of an odd-ball and I am fascinated by these kinds of things...
review 2: Like the works of Neil Gaiman, David Almond is an author that's difficult to classify. Although his characters are often young, many of his themes are more appropriate for older features. This is particularly true of The Savage. [return][return]With primitive, yet effective illustrations by Dave McKean, this short, illustrated novel focuses on the exper
... moreiences of a young savage living in the woods and a young boy living nearby. The lines between reality and fantasy are blurred when these two characters come together. Young readers will be drawn to the frightening plot as well as the true-to-life characters.[return][return]Although the book is intended for children 11 and up, parents and librarians should be aware of the disturbing and violent themes that might not be appropriate for all tweens. less
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Coming of age, supernatural tale. Typical Almond, good but maybe a little strange for some.
Great story, like a therapy session, only not lame...
good book
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