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Hull Zero Three (2010)

by Greg Bear(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
0316072818 (ISBN13: 9780316072816)
review 1: Who are you if you can't trust your memories? What are you doing in a damaged machine filled with weird, violent creatures? The author does all too good a job in conveying horror. I enjoyed the protagonist's curiosity and delight in discovering words and ideas. I was relieved when a story emerged, with characters grappling with ethics. Odd and unsettling combinations from an author always grounded in biology and relationships.
review 2: Some hardish survival horror SF here. Dude wakes up naked with no memory and told to 'run' by a little girl before he freezes to death, then throw in a monster. And a few chases, and a few more scares and then a bit of SF, and big spaceships, which turn out to be colony ships and so on. Im kinda not sure where this is suppo
... moresed to sit, theres a bit of horror in it and bit of Hard SF, but it doesn't mix well. There is just something about it which makes it not quite work well even tho there is a lot of good ideas. By the time i hit the reveal, i figured it did deliver, but it just wasn't as satisfying as i hoped. less
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Apparently absurd and chaotically unfocused. Space as a final frontier. Earthly divination.
I wasn't what I expected, but great story and unique world
Hard to follow. I didn't particularly like it.
Reads like the rough draft of a good thriller.
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