Rachel Dratch Experiment

I have always thought that something was missing from her face. Not that they were actually missing, however, the great space between her nose and her upper lip makes it look like she had no upper lip at all, which is possibly the reason why she gets looked over projects. No matter how brilliantly hilarious she is, she’s just not pretty enough.

At least, according to Hollywood standards.

I first encountered Rachel Dratch in the episode, Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny in the American TV series Monk, one of my most favorite shows of all time. She played law student Julie Parlo whose granny had been kidnapped for their antique chair. I  liked this episode, I thought she was funny, but I never actually thought that she was this great comedienne who was very capable of supplying her own material.

She’s petite, she’s got some curves on, and she has a sense of humor–the exact opposite of the beautiful Hollywood mold; tall, skinny and decidedly unfunny. After her stint at SNL for a few seasons, she got a lead role at 30 Rock, had a few roles here and there, and then things dialed down a bit. Unlike her female contemporaries who went on and had great successes in live-action comedies, 3D animation films, and hit TV shows, Rachel Dratch went on a hiatus. Aside from the fact that very few personalities have a staying power in the entertainment industry anyway, and her writing plausibly took up much of her time, the lack of opportunities may be on account of her more unconventional charms.

While it is praiseworthy, if not heroic, to have the inner strength to not bow down to pressures and try to fit in that mold, celebrities who update their looks are afforded a second chance at the spotlight.

So I got to thinking, what if Rachel Dratch looked a little different? Kirsten Wiig is hot, Tina Fey is gorgeous, Amy Poehler is blonde–all as talented and gut-busting funny as she is, but just a little bit more visible in the playing field. I thought she looked okay, but she would look even better with fuller lips. To illustrate my point, I saved a picture of hers that I got from an article online and modified it with my  superior MS Paint skills:

But seriously, while I do paint, I’m not familiar with design and illustration in digital environments, so I only had MS Paint which I don’t actually use (who does?) and not the more famous Adobe Photoshop. I wouldn’t know the first thing to do there. Also, the mouse got away from me a few times, resulting in a few moles and that light spot below the lower lip.

Anyway, Rachel Dratch with fuller lips, for me, looks more youthful and vibrant. In an alternate universe where she makes that slight change in her appearance, more opportunities will come her way. Or at least, the experience will give her additional material for her repertoire.



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