I remember that God who made the heavens and earth
Made me
God, the spirit of life
Died for me
My soul was made in eternity
One small breath of God’s being
He gave me parents
That I might take form
And live on this earth
Made of its dust
Yet living and free
I remember long long ago
I walked on this earth when Jesus was here
Yet I don’t remember my physical birth
The earliest thing that I can recall
A swing in a doorway
Yearning, longing, stretching
To reach the sink with my toes
Significant thoughts – what else?
My story
Lost love, escape, freedom to grow
At last, recognition, return to my place
Being who I was meant to be
All through my childhood
I never grew into me
Once knowing Thee, but not by name
Thy name, I would not own
I am Thine
Not knowing Thee
I could not know myself
A need to communicate, connect with some other
Some part of me that wasn’t where I was
I didn’t know to call it prayer
I had forgotten Thee
I can look back now and see the hints
But then, I only knew the earthly me
That yearned
Yearned for my lost self
Yearned for Thee
Longed for fulfilment
Was never satisfied
I looked for all the wrong things in all the wrong places
Sensed the life I was living wasn’t who I was meant to be
Something was missing
The vital spark
Lord, how could I forget Thee?
But thou didst not forget me
Thou didst come and find me
My earthly self was scared
And ran
An awesome thing to face the Living God
No, not me
My earthly self
Tried to deny my heritage
But I am Thine, Thou dost prevail
And bring me home

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