Review: Her Master’s Christmas by Lily White

Title: Her Master’s Christmas
Author: Lily White
Genre: Dark Erotica
Type: Book 2.5 of Masters series
POV: First Person – Dual

After a few years of being Aiden Oliver’s Courtesan, Rebecca was hoping to finally be able to celebrate her favorite holiday. But Aiden would not allow any festive spirit in his home. However, his latest assignment might change things for both of them.

Before starting I was a little worried with which direction the story going to go to. I can say this is definitely the kind of Christmas novella that could satisfy my dark, deprave needs lol!

“I do love it when you get rebellious, Pet. It only challenges me to become more creative in my training.”

Aiden is among my top favorite Master. Manipulation was his specialty and I love how things unfolded in the story.

It was possible I was wrong to ever think he cared, and given the strength with which he now hit me, I was right back to where I’d started with him, a slave only to his every demand.

What I like about Rebecca was her rebellious nature. But what I like more was how that part of her personality landed her in trouble haha!

I could feel her breasts against my back and hear her breath in my ear, but regardless of that, all I knew in that moment was the feel of Aiden moving inside me.

The sex was hot and the presence of a new characters made it even more interesting. And I like how the dynamic changed between each characters.

This wasn’t play intended to sexually gratify, this was punishment intended to hit me directly where he wanted – my heart and my soul.

Her Master’s Christmas is a story of lessons and punishment. It would appeal to readers who prefer their festive themed story to be dark and dirty.


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