Setting myself a 3 day challenge (while sick)

Well, this might be the stupidest thing I’ve done so far this year when it comes to reading, but I will attempt (attempt) to read the three books displayed above before the month of June is over.

Which means I have three days to do it.

Well, more like 2½ days seeing as it’s already past noon on the 28th.

Normally this wouldn’t have been that much of a problem – I have done these things before – but I have been down with a fever since Monday. Yesterday was hellish, but I am feeling better today and I have been making quite a bit of progress with Lord of Shadows. So I will be able to finish that. My plan for Dark Breaks the Dawn is to listen to it while writing reviews and such, but Bloodrose I just have to power through.

I will try my best though. Fingers crossed!

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