Since You’ve Been Gone, Morgan Matson

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Morgan Matson’s novel, Since You’ve Been Gone was a light and fun summer read. I felt that I could really connect with the main characters, Emily and Sloane, and their friendship. I especially enjoyed following Emily as she grew and developed as a character throughout the course of the novel.

The ending was what made the story for me; I resolved everything while still leaving just enough to leave you wondering what could happen next. One aspect of the novel that I would have liked to see resolved slightly differently was Emily’s friendship with Dawn. It was really quite a minor aspect of the novel but I would have liked to see it settled happily none the less.

Another unique aspect of the novel were the chapter names, which told the reader which  item on the list Emily was going to complete. While I enjoyed the creative choice of chapter titles, at times I found that they almost spoiled parts of the following chapter as I already knew which task would be completed.

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Overall, Since You’ve Been Gone was a great summery read filled with characters that I could easily relate with. The adorable young romance(s) and bucket-list-inspired storyline, along with an almost perfect ending, helped make the story amazing. I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking for an interesting read. An easy 4 stars!




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